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vibram sale 2009 Hits and Misses in Hiking Gear For 2009, Vibram has added a trail shoe to its Five Fingers lineup. The Five Fingers KSO Trek ($124.99 as of 2009) is a beefed up version of the KSO model, adding cleats the the outsole for greater traction, a durable kangaroo upper and interior and a thin (4 mm) EVA midsole rock plate to prevent stone bruising. This shoe will appeal to trail junkies as well as barefooters who need a bit more support than the Five Fingers KSO provides. One of Treksta's most notable trail shoes, the Sidewinder ($119.99 as of 2009) was built to provide traction in the most slippery conditions. The IceLock outsole was designed specifically to provide traction on icy terrain, and the sturdy sidewalls and reinforced toecap give a solid amount of protection from exposed roots, rocks and other trail debris. Bergmoench built their Backpack Bike ($2,200 as of 2009) around a great idea a bike that folds into a backpack so users can hike up a trail and ride down it. How could they go wrong? Very easily, apparently they didn't include a drivetrain or a seat. Downhill biking is a challenge with a complete bike, but when you start removing necessities like these, it can be downright unpleasant.