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vibram five fingers shoes cheap ´╗┐Five Finger Shoes for Ergonomic Comfort The main reason Five Finger Shoes are becoming so popular and why they actually have tremendous benefits is because of its very unique, ergonomic design. These shoes cannot be mistaken for any other shoe because it is essentially a cover for your feet. In the design of an actual foot it is the only product which can fully simulate running barefoot. The style is more natural and works better with your body because it so closely resembles the natural art of walking or running barefoot. Where traditional shoes tend to throw off the balance and natural movement of your feet, the Five Finger shoes work with the natural movement of your body. Another benefit is that because it works so well natural movement it also helps build strength and agility in your feet and legs much quicker than traditional shoes. The movement of leg muscles and feet muscles no longer have to fight each other for movement. And with that you build speed and strength faster than you would wearing regular shoes. One of the best parts about Five Finger Shoes is that the material used is patented, and is so soft it actually feels as though you are barefoot. With that in mind, it also safe to note that price is not at all unreasonable. For the cost of the shoes you get style, comfort, efficiency, and mobility. These shoes begin at around $50 dollars and depending design and support can be well over $100. There will be less pain in your feet because of the design and you be able to move much quicker as time progresses. Other shoes do not have the same features as Five Finger shoes do. They cannot match the ergonomic design specifically made to feel as natural as possible. What must be thought of is support and how the shoe compares to others.