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vibram sale code 2010 Nordica Ski Boots Nordica (buy direct) has many different series of boots, each with many models. It depends on the type of shop you are that will determine which models you will see. They have the Doberman, HR Pro, Speedmachine, Sportmachine, Gransport and One series available in men's and ladies with over 40 models involved. Thankfully Nordica has made most model numbers match the flex. Nordica Ski Boots The Doberman series is for the aggressive skier who is prepared to give up warmth and comfort for performance. Few people need the Doberman WC EDT 150; it's extremely stiff and narrow at 95 mm. In this line they also have the Doberman WC EDT 130 and a great narrow Doberman WC EDT 100. Look at these if you are a racer, ex racer or master's series racer. The Doberman Pro EDT 130 at 98 mm is more realistic but still for the aggressive level skier with medium to narrow feet. Boots like this need custom fitting to function at the top level. The Doberman series gets made in two different widths and I recommend the medium width series at 98 mm for most skiers. The Doberman Spitfire 120 is a great option for average flex and narrow to medium width feet and aggressive level skiing. This may be an option for the good female skier. The Doberman line gets softer for the junior collection with great kids boots available in 80, 70 and 60 flex options all at 98 mm wide. The Hot Rod series is related to the free skiing market and offers the HR Pro 125 at 98 mm width, the Hot Rod 105, Hot Rod 95 at 100 mm width and Hot Rod 85 and Hot Rod 75 at 101 mm width. These are narrow to medium and good options for the all day skier and with great fit and function these are excellent skiing boots. The Jah Love 130 model at 98 mm is even more Freeride oriented and is a boot of choice for advanced charging, though I'll have to put the Vibram sole on for you. Ladies get spoiled with an excellent HR Pro 115 W at 98 mm width. They also have Hot Rod 100 W, Hot Rod 90 W both at 100 mm width. They round out the series with Hot Rod 80 W and Hot Rod 70 W at 101 widths. These boots will ski very well and should be warm. Nordica has a wider option for the all day skier who wants comfort and a user friendly product. The Speedmachine series is one of my favorites to use for crazy, broken or mowed over feet, with a custom liner of course. They are medium to wide and available in a Speedmachine 130, Speedmachine 120, and Speedmachine 110. These are great boots that sell well and ski fine all at 100 mm width. The Speedmachine 120 and Speedmachine 110 are their bread and butter. I am sure they have sold many of these and they are available in most shops. Nordica Women's Boots The ladies Speedmachine models are just as good at 100 mm width and available in Speedmachine 115 W and Speedmachine 105 W. Nordica still seems to be excited about their Sportmachine series with the offset stance. This is where the boot is made to accommodate the fact that many people stand like a duck with their feet out a little. They have removed it from their top boots but keep it here for the sales point probably. The Sportmachine 100, Sportmachine 90, Sportmachine 80 and Sportmachine 70 all come in 101 widths. I still think the Speedmachine series is easier to get on and off. Ladies get the Sportmachine in 101 widths in a Sportmachine 95 W, Sportmachine 85 W, Sportmachine 75 W and Sportmachine 65 W all with the same NFS or natural foot stance. Nordica Gransport Series The Gransport series are boots for the average to beginner or later in life skier that is having a hard time finding boots wide enough and likes the ease of rear entry and a walk mode too. Remember all boots get bigger and these definitely will expand rapidly. You should have medium to wide feet and care more about ease of entry and comfort than feeling the ski get on edge. That said they have the Gransport First Class (100) Gransport Executive (95) both at 102 mm width, GS Deluxe (85), GS Elite (75) at 104 mm width. Ladies get the Gransport Executive W (85) at 102 mm wide, and then the GS Deluxe W (75) and GS Elite W (65) are 104 mm wide. The One series is made up of all boots at 104 mm width and flexes of One 65, One 55, One 45, One 60 W, One 50 W and One 40 W. They have a walk mode built in to the second buckle so when it is open the boot is in walk mode and when closed it is in ski mode, a popular item this year. Nordica Junior Boots Nordica's junior boots are good for racers in the Doberman line, but can tone it down to the Hot Rod 60 and the GP TJ boys or girls in many small sizes. The ultra small Nordy is for your youngest skier and then look great dangling from your rear view mirror. My one to two year olds have all used this style (insert Dolomiki) and the same pair for all three. The male or female or junior skier will have great options from Nordica according to the foot shape and skier type.