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vibram fivefingers sale 2011 Tecnica Ski Boots Tecnica (buy direct) has many series and over 40 models of ski boots. They have the Inferno, Dragon, Phoenix, Mega and Agent series for men and the ladies specific Viva series with many models. The Viva Inferno Crush (100) and the Viva Inferno Fling (90) are the top female options from Tecnica and are 98 mm wide. Then the Viva D100 Ultrafit, Viva D90 Ultrafit come in at 98 mm while the Viva P100 Air Shell, Viva P90 Ultrafit, Viva P80 Air Ultrafit, Viva P70 Comfortfit and the Viva P60 Comfortfit are all 100mm wide. The Air Shell technology is new but really old. It is a bag inside the liner that can be pumped up before and during the ski day for better foot retention. You will have to make your own decision but a custom fit is better than air. You will see a number of models from Tecnica have incorporated the Air Shell function in their liner. Ladies have wider and looser fitting options in the Viva M14 Ultrafit (80), Viva M10 Ultrafit (70), Viva M8 Ultrafit (70) and the Viva M4 Comfortfit (60) all at 103mm width. Loose and comfortable bring warmth but less performance. Tecnica Inferno Ski Boots The Men's Series known as Inferno is the option for the aggressive level skier that wants quick responsiveness with Tecnica comfort as possible. They make their top race boots available in the Inferno R 150 and Inferno R 130. These are very narrow at 95 mm width and stiff too. The Inferno 130 is more realistic at 98mm wide but still very stiff. The Inferno 110, Inferno 90, Inferno Blaze (110) and Inferno Heat (100) are also 98 mm wide. The Inferno 110 and 90 are good options for the female and junior racer. The Blaze and Heat models have many freeride functions. Tecnica Dragon Ski Boots The Dragon series, continues being based off medium Tecnica lasts, is available in Dragon 120 Ultrafit, Dragon Slayer (110), Dragon 100 Ultrafit and the Dragon 90 Ultrafit all have 100 mm width. These boots will ski well but not have the same precision that the Inferno will offer, though will certainly be warmer. The dragon series has been well received by big wide feet. Tecnica Phoenix Ski Boots The Phoenix series has wider and HVL or High Volume options. Phoenix 100 Air shell, Phoenix 90 Air Shell, Phoenix Firebird (80), Phoenix 70 Comfortfit and Phoenix 60 Comfortfit are all 102mm width. The phoenix 110 Hiperfit HVL is the model available in a 106 mm very wide fit. Tecnica Mega Ski Boots The Mega series all at 105 mm width is the Tecnica wide option and they are for the skier that needs more volume for their calves and forefoot. These boots will be easy on and off and come in flex options of Mega 14 Ultrafit (80), Mega 10 Ultrafit (70), Mega 8 Ultrafit (70) and the Mega 6 Comfortfit (60) possibly available up to size 16. The problem with wide boots being too soft is the person that needs wide boots often needs more support than these boots can offer. The Mega series is wider and softer so I find these are for kids or beginners that cannot accept pressure on their feet. This is a continuous problem that they would make such a big size in a low end soft offering. Tecnica Agent Ski Boots The Agent series is Tecnica's Freeride option with great features and good fit. These are good Skiing boots and they have tightened up these models this year. The Agent 120 is 98 mm width with all the freeride additives. The Agent 80 is 102 mm wide neither of these models have the walk/ski mode. The Agent AT (100) with its Vibram sole and walk mode open up a world of backcountry possibilities. To help this series Tecnica adds an Agent BC (120), which is a stiffer boot with the walk/ski mode and vibram replaceable soles. I would love a pair of these hint, hint. Tecnica Junior Ski Boots Tecnica has great junior models available for the young racer or all mountain skiers with the Inferno 110, Inferno 90, Inferno 70 and the Inferno 60. The stiffer the boot here the tighter it will fit. The young freeride option is the Agent 65 Junior, which has many of the freeride options for the kids.