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winter vibram 2012 Readers' Choice Awards Meet the winner finalists in our toning shoes category. These shoes are designed to give your leg muscles a wider range of motion so you can use more muscles as you walk. The finalists were nominated by readers and selected by our expert panel of walkers. Readers voted from February 22 through March 21, 2012. Results shown during voting may not reflect the audited final counts used to determine winners. For more information see our FAQ. The prize: bragging rights. Winner: RYN ShoesCourtesy of Pricegrabber RYN lovers got out the vote once again, as they did in 2011 to win our Best Fitness Walking Shoe Readers' Choice Award. RYN shoes have a rocker bottom sole, but are stable and guide the foot into a correct walking stride. Nominators said they were easy on the knees and helped people with foot and leg pain increase their mileage. Food and Drug Administration approved walking shoe design with "Balance Bone and Chip" technology. These replaceable elements are contained in the heel and form a plate spring to give great cushioning with each step. The shoe is designed to prevent overpronation. The company cites research that these shoes reduce the load on knees and ankles, allowing you to walk and stand more with less fatigue. One nominator said it helped relieve her plantar fasciitis foot pain. They now produce a wide variety of styles in addition to the original Sport Walker pictured. Read ReviewSkechers has driven the market in toning shoes with their massive ad campaigns. In 2011, they debuted lighter, flexible versions of the Shape Ups design, called the Evolution line. Skechers receive the full range of reader reviews from those who can't walk in any other shoe to those who say they developed problems while wearing them. Vibram Five Fingers Pricegrabber Forget thick, high soles, rocker bottoms or extra cushioning. Tone your body by returning to barefoot. Vibram Five Fingers are especially popular with young men. The funky anatomical design is lightweight and fun to wear, while protecting the feet from actual sidewalk and trail grime. Barefoot and minimalist styles are gaining popularity. But you trade off having any cushioning or motion control elements. Read Review More Shoe Categories and Winners Walking Readers' Choice Awards 2012 Finalists: Fitness walking shoes Finalists: Comfort walking shoes Finalists: Trail shoes All Walking Readers' Choice Awards 2012