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vibram shoes kids 2014 Head Ski Boots Head (buy direct) is actually adding models and attempting to grow their influence. They have continued to sign very high profile skiers to their team and have good podium placement. They have the Raptor, Challenger, Dream, Vector, Edge and Cube series to look through with about 40 models. Head offers a true world cup style ski boot line with the Raptor. Including the Raptor B2 RD (160/150/140 depending on the pins in) and Raptor B3 RD (140/130/120) both at 95 mm width. Then they open it up slightly with the Raptor 130 RS, Raptor 115 RS, and the Raptor 110 RS MYA all at the 97 mm width. Ladies FYI the Raptor 110 MYA is available down to the smallest size 22 and Head makes a true 22 = 266 mm boot sole length. They also offer the Raptor B5 90 RD in the crushing 95 mm width for women and juniors. The Raptor Overkill (140/130/120) is their Freeskiing option in a tighter stiffer shell, with all the freeride or side country options of grip soles and softer zeppas but no walk mode. Also they offer the Raptor Oblivion (135) with 4 buckles and the 97 mm width in the forefoot. Then the Venture 130 and the Venture 120 have the Vibram soles as well as the walk mode for back country touring. All three of these are offered in the 98 mm width. Head Challenger Series Head offers more performance backcountry options with their Challenger series including the walk mode and grip soles. The Challenger 130, Challenger 120, Challenger 110 and the ladies Challenger 110 MYA are all available in 101 mm width and ready to charge. The men's Vector series is 4 buckles with traditional designs. The Vector 125, Vector 115 and the Vector 105 are all available in the 101 mm forefoot width. Head Dream Series The Dream series returns lightly changed and are specifically designed for women's anatomy all at 100 mm wide. The Dream 100 MYA, Dream 90 MYA, and the Dream 80 MYA are all women's specific shapes for better fit and function. Head Edge Series The Edge series is wider still at 104 mm width with the AdaptEdge 100 available to size 17. They also have AdaptEdge 90, NextEdge 80, NextEdge 70 all for men. Head Women's Ski Boots The ladies get the AdaptEdge 100 MYA (90), AdaptEdge 90 MYA (80), Next Edge 80 MYA (70) and the NextEdge 70 MYA (60) also in 104 mm width. Their Cube 3 series are a massive 106mm width and include men's and ladies options. The Cube 3 12 (90), Cube 3 10 (80), Cube 3 8 (70), Cube 3 12 MYA (90), Cube 3 10 MYA (70) and the Cube 3 8 MYA (60) are all 3 buckle boots with the automatic walk mode function from Head. Head Junior Ski Boots Head offers a couple of Park and Pipe options nice and upright with The Show 1 (100) and The Show 2 (90) also in the massive 106 mm forefoot width. Head offers good lighter junior boot options for the younger racer with the Raptor 90 at 98 mm width, and then the Raptor 70, Raptor 50 and the Raptor 40 are 100mm forefoot width. Lesser junior models include the Raptor Caddy JR 50, Raptor Caddy JR 40, Souphead 2 (30), Souphead 1 (20) as well as Edge J3, Edge J2 and Edge J1 all at 101 mm width and having the same number of buckles as the name.