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vibram reviews a guide to comfy hand: Tire Sandals: a guide to comfy hand crafted footwear. DO NOT use any tire with steel belts( it isextremely hazardousto cut into them). Spare tires work well as do motorcycle tires. First find the center of the tread at both ends of the section and mark. Second, tranfer those marks to the inside of the tire. Cont. Align the centerline of your template with the centerline on the inside of the tire. Cut theslots for the straps with 1/2in. chisel. The straps will fit tightly in the slots. To adjust, pull on the strap in both directions( streching it) making it thinner. It may not be neccesary, but it is recommended that you secure the straps with Shoegoo.Create the outline by tracing a pair of flip flops on some cardstock( i actually used an empty cereal box).Place foot in center of template, mark at the center of ball of foot, mark at center first joint of little toe, mark center of ankle inside and outside.All slits for straps are 1/4in. from the edge of the templateand 1/2in. wide.At the ball of the foot, two 1/2in. slits are spereated by 1/4in. centered at the mark made earlier.At the little toe, the first slit begins at the mark and extend rearward. The second slit is seperated from the first by 1/4in.