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komodosport ´╗┐Alternatives to Vibram Five Fingers The RunAmocs from Soft Star Shoes are nice. I have a pair which I've reviewed here. Actually my review talks more about the transition to minimalist shoe running than the shoes themselves, but you can get the idea. They are very lightweight shoes with a Vibram 2mm rubber sole. When I first put them on they didn't seem to fit very snug like I'm used to. But because they are so extremely light and flexible, they actually stay on the feet very well. My reasons for getting these instead of the Vibram Five Fingers are twofold: Aqua socks (aka Water Shoes or Beach Shoes) are a very cheap alternative, though you are paying for what you get. They don't last for very long before they start to fall apart (a few months perhaps). Fit tends to vary greatly depending where you get them, but if you can find something that's snug enough to run in, then they will do the trick to protect your feet from nasty pointy things on the ground. At around $5 for a pair, it's a good place to start if you're interested in trying out minimalist running without having to make a large investment in specially made shoes.