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five fingers shoes clearance ´╗┐And does anyone have recs for shoe repair in Birmingh We Know you're busy. So Resole America makes it easy to order. Just drop your Cowboy Boots for resoling in our Priority Mail Envelope and leave it with your outgoing mail Your mail carrier will pick it up and your Cowboy Boots will be back in about a week Drew's will repair all makes and models of boots, work boots, western boots, pac boots and shoes, and care is taken to assure the best possible work is done. But, especially in regard to the handmade boots sold at Drew's, is proper repair crucial. Quality handmade boots like Whites, Hathorn, Nicks, Drew's and others need specialized attention. Here's why: At Drew's, boots are repaired and resoled on the original lasts that they were manufactured on. This restores the original shape of the arch and shank which is critical to the fit and comfort of the boot. Heel settings and balance of high arch boots is imperative. Heel bases need to be set correctly so pronation or supination is minimized. Ball and heel of boot is balanced for level walking. We use machinery that restitches vibram lug soles to boots so they meet Whites factory specs. This is important to avoid sole delamination. Drew's repair technicians are careful to preserve the hand sewing and welting when resoling boots. Also, careful attentions is given to insole condition and other factors which may determine if your boots need a factory rebuild. We will advise you accordingly.