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vibram five fingers bikila ´╗┐Anterior iliac crest pain I am a 40 year old life long runner and have had about 3 months of right anterior iliac crest pain best described as annoying. I compete in running and triathlon events and recall no specific trauma. It never hurts when I'm exercising for which I am VERY grateful. But after resting or in the mornings after waking it hurts with the first several steps and especially when walking down the stairs. The pain with the stair descents is always when all of my weight is on my right leg. I was reading another question on All Experts from a women with a similar issue and the topic of iliacus strain came up. But, it was decided she had something different and it wasn't discussed further. I was thinking that it fit my symptoms perfectly.: I have been running for years. Just finished training and running in the Army 10 miler. 3 weeks before the race I went on a 10 mile run and began having knee pain thought it was IT band issues. Pulled back a little and did a bunch of different stretches before and during running and that issue went away. Now, starting about 2 weeks ago, I am having iliac crest pain. Hurts only when running and then when walking for a few day after running. It is also very tender to touch and very painful when I try to stretch it out. What should I do? Have a friend that said if I continue running on it, It could cause a permanent problem and may have to stop running.