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vibram five fingers 2 Running Shoes : $2 Running Shoes Rather than pay a gym membership, it saves time and money to go running outside. Trace your feet out on cardboard with a sharpie 2. Cut the shapes out with scissors and even them out by stacking them on top of one another. Cut out and fold two small pieces of cardboard to use as a handles for dipping the socks in the melted hot glue 2. Prepare your heat source (I used an outdoor camping stove) 2. At this point you should be able to separate them from the cardboard mold and try them on and go for a ru.Rather than pay a gym membership, it saves time and money to go running outside. Running barefoot, a lot of evidence shows, is how are bodies were meant to run. But I worry about broken glass and gravel, so I need something to protect my tender soles.I bought some Vibram Five Fingers that are a tad too small on my right foot, so they crush my toes. I have been running in socks recently but they wear out quickly. So I tried making some running shoes with socks and hot glue. It ridiculous, but it works, and it was fast to make reply to Nical_Critical3 years agoReplythey were a mortal pair of black socks, alas! now they are ninja clothing!also instead of gas stove, I use a hot air gun initially at 190 C (380 F) but it was going slow so I cranked it up to 350 C (660 F) to melt the glue in a disposable aluminium tray.When I was finished with the "main" covering of the sole I did some finishing with the hot air on the sock at 400 C (750 F) to quickly and locally achieve a smooth clean surface.Yet i don't recoment going that far with the temp, becouse the glue fumes a little so you need good ventilation, plus one of the socks got charred at a couple of spots and it required some sewing. You'll notice that the fivefingers still conform to your arch in some fashion, but don't provide any structural support. It's worth a try! Go for one of my room mates in college was a materials engineering major and he kept a little rubber tree. I remember him making some rubber when it was about 4 feet tall and all he got from it was a little cherry sized ball of rubber. Pretty cool though!in reply to a splosion1 year agoReplythanks a splosion for your reply. I'm thinking that if not walking on something hard and flat like a road or concrete, then our feet naturally conform to the surface like the beach or forest floor. But I know if I wear shoes or even flip flops that are perfectly flat on the inside, my feet ache after being on a hard floor, even when shopping. I'm going to try them both; first without and the second with. Thinking about "painting" the hot glue around the very edges for a very clean look after the dipping process. .