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vibram five fingers treksport ´╗┐Are Five Finger shoes worth their money I have read about the Five Finger shoes, also on here, but I stil have a question on the Return On Investment of buying these Five Finger shoes. I have read that they wear down more easily. My workout programme is mainly bodybuilding and I join spinning class for cardio. In what way will I benefit from wearing these shoes as opposed to "normal" sneakers. I do have read about avoiding shoes with a compressible sole. Uh, no, they aren't worth your ROI. The main purposes I see in Vibram Shoes is to strengthen the supporting lower leg muscles and to change your running gait to put you more on your toes. Vibram shoes are training tools within themselves. The shoes should be worn progressively similarly to how you would progress a workout > maybe 10 minutes a day this week and then 15 minutes a day the next week and then maybe a 15 minute run in the 3rd week, etc. You get the idea. For running they improve form (when properly slowly introduced) and improve supporting structures (ankles, ligaments, calves, etc.). So for weight lifting ONLY, I see them as being nothing more than a conversation piece between sets. Although flat soled shoes are traditional for weightlifting, I really like Vibrams for this. Of course there is the strengthening component that everyone talks about, but the real bonus is the extra stability and "grip" you get on the ground when doing deadlifts, squats, etc. I even notice a difference when doing bench press (yes your feet should be involved, but that's a whole other conversation). Which ones? I like styles that cover the top of the foot, just to make sure that they are as firmly fastened to my feet as possible. Regarding durability, I've had mine for about two years now and they're still in good condition. I wear them regularly for workouts, and occasionally when doing yardwork. I don't run in them.