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vibram five fingers australia sale ´╗┐Barefoot Running Plasti Open your Plasti Dip and paint it onto the bottom of your socks. With literal barefoot running, your nerves get the quickest response from the ground allowing your body (and particular its natural reflexes) to act quickest. Quick reflexive reactions maximizes learning good form and minimizes injuries. A protective layer deadens the nerves and your reaction time is slower by a few hundredths of a second allowing an ankle roll to go from a harmless stumble to an injury. I agree with the barefoot vs. minimal definition. Barefoot is barefoot. I use the title "barefoot shoes" because that's what a lot of people search for when they're looking for minimal shoes. Personally, I prefer running totally barefoot. I like minimal shoes for going places where people expect shoes. My daughter prefers the Plasti socks, so that's why we made this Instructable to share. Water shoes are the most substantial shoes I ever wear. These Plasti socks are much less substantial. Minimal shoes probably make a nice transition for someone between regular shoes and barefoot if they're so inclined.2 years agoReply My husband has a uniquely formed left hand due to a birth defect, and I made him work gloves that fit his hand by knitting them custom and then (this is the relevant part) spraying the palm side with several coats of Plasti Dip (which I got on Amazon). This is a great Instructible!