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five fingers sale ´╗┐Best Barefoot Running Shoes The original barefoot shoe that literally fits your foot like a glove. These shoes encourage a more natural gait whether you are walking or running. Merrell Barefoot Glovephoto courtesy of PriceGrabber Merrell joined the Vibram sole with their own version of a minimal shoe to come up with the Merrell Barefoot Glove. Designed with a bit of protection, a natural feel and a barely there upper, the glove helps you transition to barefoot running but still looks like a shoe. Versions for Women include the Pace, and Men's versions include the 3. Terra Plana Vivophoto courtesy of PriceGrabber If price is no object, the Terra Plana offers the $150.00+ Vivo barefoot shoe. These 'barely there shoes are lightweight and breathable but offer a very thin, puncture resistant sole for basic protection, without the structure or form of other shoes. As far as aesthetics, this is one of the better looking barefoot shoes currently available. 4. New Balance Minimus and 101 Trail Running Shoesphoto courtesy of PriceGrabber New Balance offers two minimal shoe versions. The New Balance 101 Minimal Trail Running Shoe is a good choice for getting barefoot shoe enthusiasts who like off road and trail runs. The new Minimus line offers a variety of shoes inspired by the barefoot trend. You can find shoes for road running, trail running, and every day wear in the Minimus lineup. All NB Minimus shoes have a 4mm drop from heel to toe rather than the 12mm drop found in a typical shoe. 5. ZEMgearZEMgear's moto is "Performance Protection for Bare Feet." Zemgear makes minimal footwear that allows you to move your feet naturally. The original Zem was designed for use in the sand. These booties have 4 way stretch Lycra uppers soft molded rubber bottoms. For runners, watch for the ZEM O2, a barefoot training shoe, and ZEM 360, a super lightweight barefoot running shoe. 6. The Nike Free Run+photo (c) Pricegrabber But if you aren't quite ready for the next to nothing feel of minimal shoes, the Nike Free offers something in between minimal and traditional shoes. The Nike Free is lightweight and extremely flexible, but it does have a significant heel drop and quite a bit of cushion. It's a good transition shoe, but most barefoot purists won't be big fans of the Free. 7. Mizuno Wave Universe 3photo courtesy of PriceGrabber Mizuno Wave Universe 3 is another good transition shoe. It's extremely light, at 3.8 ounces, offers minimal cushioning, and a relatively small heel drop. This version of the shoe has a more durable outsole that holds up longer and has a bit more structure than previous versions.