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vibram five fingers kso 2wks and numbness still can't walk on it wo crutches I competed in a triathlon two weeks ago and felt a "cramp" occur in the beginning of the run however found it manageble to finish the race smilling with running on the outside edge of my foot. I was wearing my vibram shoes on the sand for the run as the whole run was on sand. At the end of the race I still couldn't walk on it. I could put balanced pressure on it but as far as taking a step and supporting my weight to walk I couldn't do it as it felt a sharp pain shoot up the left outside edge of my left foot on the underneath side and an elastic band snapping back kind of feeling in the top part of the ankle where the retinaculum is located. My x rays showed normal however a second doc/friend took a look at it since it was a walk in clinic where I went and he thinks there are shadows on the x rays that are questionable about more being there. I have a boot and crutches to help me walk however if I were to drop the crutches and do a full walk with the boot I still feel that pinching pain on the top of the ankle. It has been two weeks and the last few days I have noticed that my foot freezes and toes become tingly and a bit swollen when this occurs. It mostly happens when my leg is resting. elevated or not. I keep going back and forth because when it swells and feels like that I put it up then down after it goes away and continue repeating! I am able to flex my ankle and do circles and have been able to from the beginning. I can balance weight but cannot step forward and lift my heel off the floor. barely wihtout feeling that immediate pain described earlier when trying to step. what injury could have occurred? And what should I do from here as I feel it has not gotten any better two weeks in and am now experiencing tingly, cold feeling in my foot from circulation etc. Check out some similar questions! Sore breasts for 2wks after ovulation (not pregnant) [ 1 Answers ] Hello I came of the cerzatte pill at the beginning of March 6wks after, I had a period and have subsquentially had two more regular as clock work. I am trying for a baby and have been monitoring my ovulation as soon as this happens my breasts become sore and stay that way for two weeks till my. Car Accident, no insurance, injury, settlement [ 7 Answers ] I was involved in a NY MVA in October 2008. Long story short, my car did not have insurance (please spare me the "get insurance" i know. I have enough backlash of it I'd hate for you all to waste your time typing it over over again. It was pay insurance or pay meds for a sick loved one i chose. Severe ankle injury [ 5 Answers ] Is there anybody out there with a severe ankle injury? What do you do for pain and exercise? What are your long term goals for surviving your injury? Lack of money, lack of job, banging my head against a brick wall it seems. [ 8 Answers ] OK, this has been going on for over 6 months now and I need for it to end. ive not done anything and neither has he, but I am finding it very hard to get a job, the last job I had six months ago was temp,they let me go after a month being there. I have been trying hard to get work, as of yet its. Painful foot and ankle rash. So swollen I can't even walk. [ 2 Answers ] I am so freaked out. Yesterday morning my feet, ankles and lower legs broke out into a red, itchy flat almost hive looking in one spot and bumpy in other spots rash. It's not on the bottoms of my feet, but everywhere else on feet and ankles. As it gets higher it spread out in random spots of.