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vibram five finger shoes clearance ´╗┐Best Running Shoes for Iliotibial Band Syndrome ITBS Knee Problems Many a runner with a "bad" knee knows about iliotibial band syndrome. A chronic inflammation condition, IT band syndrome (as it's often called) is sometimes the hidden culprit in exterior knee pain rather than the knee itself. Footwear often plays a part in its treatment. Iliotibial band problems often afflict women, long time or long distance runners, and athletes who've changed something recently like increasing the intensity or distance of their workout, running on new kinds of terrain, or switching shoes. Symptoms of ITBS can worsen gradually or appear fairly suddenly after a long term of "silent" overuse and can last up to six months. adjusting running formSince I once had pain diagnosed as iliotibial band tightness, I researched the topic extensively and found running shoes that were reported by users as helpful for IT band syndrome. I've listed them here, along with a reader poll. Poll: Best Running Shoes for ITBSDo you have iliotibial band syndrome? What shoes have helped you the most? Saucony ProGrid Vibram Five Fingers Mizuno Wave Inspire Asics Gel Cumulus Brooks Defyance New Balance 587 Other Shoe (Please share your experiences in the Comments section.)See results without voting To Find the Right Running Shoes for ITBS, Know Your FeetBelow are the shoes. You can go there now, but I recommend you read this part first. All the forums, research abstracts and healthcare worker's advice I looked at led me to one clear conclusion: you should get your gait assessed by a sports medicine professional to find the right shoe for iliotibial band syndrome. Unless you know your particular foot irregularities or can even be sure you have none you could be buying and exchanging shoe after shoe before getting the right style that feels good and lets you get back into running. That's because runners who get ITBS may have high arches or low/flat arches. They may be underpronators or overpronators. They may have a completely normal arch and gait. There is simply no one shoe that fits all, because the syndrome has multiple causes and risk factors. Of course, because I do not have health insurance, I tend not to take my own advice. Through trial and error, and with the help of expert sales people in specialty athletic shoe stores, I figured out my own gait peculiarities for heel pain issues I was having. If you decide to go that route (and again, I'm not recommending it), then use common sense. If you experience knee pain wearing a stabilizing shoe designed for people with excessive pronation, the answer may be a shoe that is heavy on the cushioning with very little stabilization, or somewhere in between a neutral shoe. You may even find the helps. Long distance runners and heavy athletes are especially prone to wearing out the cushioning of shoes quickly, but continuing to use them because they still look fine on the outside. To prevent further occurrences of ITBS: Replace your running shoes frequently Let your shoes rest at least a day after a workout to restore their cushioning (you may need to keep two pairs on hand). Short List of Athletic FootwearThis is the short list. The long list is about the size of a bible, because, well, whatever shoe works, works. I picked these models because reviewers specifically liked them for iliotibial band syndrome. Treat them as a starting point and do your own exploration after you know your gait. Neutral shoes don't push your feet into committing to any one stride, as stabilizing shoes do. Instead, they allow for increased flexibility of foot motion and so are great for athletes with rigid feet. The women's ProGrid Ride 2 has been rated by one reviewer as helpful for her ITBS problems. New Balance 587 for Motion Control and SupportThe New Balance 587s are roomy (so great for diabetics), highly supportive (so great for heavy runners), and suited for people who need serious motion control. Extreme overpronators may find them wonderful. At least one reviewer mentioned that wearing them helped with iliotibial band issues. It seems like an error. Asics Gel CumulusAsics Gel Cumulus 12 is a neutral shoe with cushioning as its primary feature, built primarily for people who underpronate, although it also may work for mild overpronators. Note: One reviewer mentions he likes the earlier models of the Gel Cumulus series because they helped with his ITBS problems. He gave this shoe a negative review because he was dissatisfied with this version, which caused him blisters on the front of the foot. This suggests not so much that the shoe won't work, but that the toe box is not very roomy. A lot of people do rave about this shoe and its previous and successive versions. Brook's Athletic Shoes for ITBSThe Defyance 3 is a neutral running shoe built for an average arch that also offers some stability, so may suit mild oversupinators and mild overpronators. This footwear does not feature maximum cushioning in fact, cushioning looks like a weak point so may be more suitable to cyclists or hikers (both of whom are also prone to getting ITBS) or those who wear cushioned insoles.