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vibram five fingers clearance ´╗┐Best Toning Shoes for Walkers The toning shoe craze is toning down as of 2013, following settlements by major marketers for ad claims that their shoes helped tone the legs and buttocks. The designs used rocker soles or instability pods to either force the foot into a greater range of motion with each stride or are unstable so the body has to keep balancing constantly. With a toning shoe, it is still important to look for basic elements of walking shoe performance. The shoe must fit the foot correctly so the the foot isn't sliding around in the shoe. For performance walking, the shoe must still be flat, flexible relatively lightweight. Many toning shoes fail on those criteria. Some lines are disappearing fast, so if you love them, shop now. 1. smartly doesn't market their rocker soled shoes as toning shoes, but as comfort shoes. After liquidating the remaining stock of MBT shoes in the USA, they debuted this line in 2013. They are lightweight shoes despite having a very thick sole. As toning shoe lines are phased out, walkers who became fans of rocker bottom shoes needed a new source. a try on. They come in a variety of colors and styles. 2. FitFlops Toning SandalsCourtesy of Pricegrabber FitFlops have a microwobbledboard in the sole to provide a little bit of instability to activate the muscles. I find the effect pleasant and wear them for a variety of purposes. With the Positano and Roma designs, which have a heel strap and ankle strap, you can even fitness walk in them. They also have many flip flop designs, which might be nice for the instability effect but which are not good for fitness walking. Still, I loved the Roma so much that I stocked up on extra pairs. 3. Nike Free Run+ ShoesCourtesy of Pricegrabber Nike Free Run+ shoes simulate barefoot walking with an ultra flexible sole. This gives your foot an extra workout, so they recommend building up time in the shoe. They are lightly cushioned and shouldn't be worn for distance walking, although I have friends who wear them on six mile (10K) walks. Unlike the heavier types of toning shoes, these are very lightweight and I enjoyed wearing them all day for lifestyle walking and shorter workouts. Oprah agrees with me and added them to her 2010 Favorite Things list. 4. Vibram FiveFingersCourtesy of Pricegrabber While some people think rocker bottom shoes look weird, they haven't begun to see weird until they spy someone wearing the foot shaped (with toes) Vibram FiveFingers. They are flexible to give the freedom of barefoot walking, but with the protection of a Vibram sole. The theory is that they will help people with balance. They come in several styles. Reebok RunTone Toning ShoesCourtesy of Pricegrabber The Reebok RunTone shoes have the features I want in any fitness walking shoe they are flat, flexible and lightweight. What makes them a toning shoe are instability pods on the sole. They are the shoe equivalent of walking on a fitness disk. That makes the muscles work a little harder to maintain balance, which they believe has a toning effect. I wasn't able to wear them successfully because the toe box is just too narrow for my wide foot. You can see our Reader Reviews of Reebok Toning Shoes 6. New Balance 850 True Balance Toning ShoesCourtesy of Pricegrabber The True Balance models use a balance board technology to create mild instability while walking. These shoes have a low heel and and very lightweight and flexible, all of which are good for any fitness walking shoe. The slight instability is what gives the extra muscle activation and may lead to more toning of the calves, thighs and buns. But they are not meant for people who already overpronate and who need motion control rather than instability. They also have a very narrow, low volume toe box. Those with wider feet may not be able to wear these shoes, even at the wider width. 7. Reebok EasyTone ShoesCourtesy of Pricegrabber The Reebok EasyTone shoes have instability pods under the heel, forefoot and toe of the shoe, to promote more muscle activation. They are not as flexible as the Reebok RunTone shoes, and I strongly prefer the RunTone shoes. I like this design compared to any rocker bottom shoe. But I would steer walkers towards the RunTone instead. I've had both good and bad reader reviews Reebok toning shoes 8. RYN Walking ShoesCourtesy of Pricegrabber After seeing all of the shoes that tout their instability, I get a pair of Ryn stable rocker soled toning shoes. I could feel the difference in the motion immediately. You still get the extra range of motion due to the undercut heel of the rocker sole. But your foot takes a straight path. I liked them. Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.9. Skechers Shape UpsCourtesy of Pricegrabber Skechers Shape Ups defined the toning shoe market. While other designs had been kicking around, Skechers popularized them. They continue to add different designs, some not as heavy as the pair that I panned for being too heavy. They are super cushioned and feel great. But our readers have had highly variable results, some blaming them for muscle aches and even injuries. Others say they work as advertised. See our Reader Reviews of Skechers Shape Ups. Chung Shi shoes are another variation of rocker bottom shoes, with a roll bar in the sole. As you walk, you rock further back on your heel at the start of the step and roll over further on the toe off. They are marketed through the Foot Solutions stores, which also sell inserts and orthotics, and the shoes are designed to work well with inserts. Chung Shi shoes come in a variety of designs including sports shoes, dress shoes and sandals. Wearing the Sky Balance Walkers, I felt a real workout of muscles I don't normally feel walking. But they are heavier shoes and you need to take care with the extreme rocker bottom when going downhill or stepping off curbs. They can be a good addition to a Nordic Walking workout. Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.