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bikila sale ´╗┐Canine Broken Toe (1) Jim says:Have a small Tibetian Terrier/Poodle mix, 7 years old, 13 pounds that suffered a broken toe. Vet put him in a full length leg cast that they say should be re wrapped ever 7 10 days. Our little guy is miserable. I keep worring that the cast is wrapped too tight or theat the paw is rubbing. he is having trouble walking and doing his business. Very lethargic and not a happy puppy. I am looking for information and feedback. May 12, 2007 at 4:24 pm (3) Sabine says:You do not need a cast for a non weight bearing toe. My dog recently had a broken toe weight bearing (one of the side toes). I went VCA Animal Hospitals who completely took me to the cleaners on this. (K Ching) They put a full length cast on him, and the dog was completely miserable; He was in a lot of pain with the cast, hated going to the vet to put it on and take it off, developed dermatitis under the bandage, and could not walk on the foot. The whole run around was horrible. I started wondering what dogs do in the wild then I remembered that my mother, who lives in a different state, has a friend who has had a very successful veterinary practice for many years, (friend of the family). I called this vet and she said she never wraps toes if it is non weight bearing (important), and that this proceedure and around that VCA was putting me through, and the stess on my animal was ridiculas and counterproductive. She told me to cut the cast off, and just make sure he takes it easy. I took the cast off, my dog walked on all four feet, limped a little at first, but it gets better every day. He is sooooooo much happier. My advice to everyone is this: use your critical thinking skills in dealing with these vets. Though there are good vets out there, frequently it is more about lining their pockets with over the top treatments than doing what really best for your dog. With all the X rays office visits, etc soaked me for about 700 bucks, but the worst thing of all was what they put my dog through. I will avoid them in the future. Hope this info helps if your dog should have a broken toe. please make sure that it is a non weight bearing toe toe since this is what my dog had and I can attest to a weight bearing toe or middle toe. July 4, 2007 at 3:11 pm (4) says:We just took our boxer to the vet last night for xrays and found she had a broken outside toe on her front foot. Fortunately, we had an honest vet who told us pretty much exactly as the previous comments by Sabine. No wrapping, no splint pain meds (Rimadyl) and leash walking for weeks (don know how many weeks July 16, 2007 at 1:02 pm (5) Lorissa says:I wish I would have researched this BEFORE I took my dog to the vet! I have a 9 year old pit bull who just fractured her front pinky toe. I took her to the vet and put my trust in him that he would do what is best for all of us but instead I feel like I totally wasted my money. After 10 days he took the cast off to let it air out for 3 days before rewrapping it and my dogs foot isn even swollen or causing her any pain. My fiance and I were considering just leaving it off and having her take it easy and using the leash when we take her out just like everyone says to do! I glad I found this site my instincts were right on!! September 7, 2007 at 8:21 pm (6) Judi says:My mastiff just broke her left hind middle toe. They say it her walking toe and needs to be casted and changed weekly. This cost me around 700 for the intitial and they want me to come in weekly so they can rebandage did that last week and it was 30 bucks I can pay 30 bucks weekly for approx 4 or more months (yes, they said 12 weeks or longer due to her age 10). I think I am going to just start wrapping it myself?! September 11, 2007 at 11:22 am (7) Michael says:I wish I would taken Sabine advice from May 12, 2007. I have a 9 year old, 70 pound, choc lab. She broke her front index toe and the vet put a splint on her and a full leg cast. She was miserable. She hated the cast and detested the bonnet. I came across this site and actually decided to cut off her cast after a week or so. Afterall, humans don wear a cast when they have a broken toe. Because we were travelling, my partner insisted we have it recast so her toe wouldn get bumped or injured more. We did, and had it changed each week. One thing the vet didn tell us was that moisture collects under the cast causing the skin to become smelly and very soft. By the 4th or 5th week, one of her toe nails dug into her skin and caused an infection to the foot. They showed us how bad it was and said she could possibly loose her foot to the infection! We were furious and upset. After spending nearly $800 on the cast and follow up visits, the vet soaked us for another $425 for a culture and anti biotics ($210 for 2 week supply). The cast finally came off for good yesterday. We clean the foot daily with an anitbacterial soap, put neosporin and a footpowder on the infected part and between her toes. We continue to give her the anitbiotics until they gone, and she weat the bonnet for a few more days until the foot is completely healed. She wouldn walk on her foot while she had the cast, but she walking on all four without the cast. I sick about what we had to put our dog through, but want to believe we were looking out for her best interest. Future pet problems I will research first and go with my instinct. September 22, 2007 at 11:21 am (8) Allison says:We just took our dog to the vet yesterday for a broken toe. They put a splint up his whole leg that is wrapped and told us not to get it wet and that he would have to wear it for 6 weeks. He is getting around fine with it, but you can tell he is miserable. He is doing nothing but chewing on it and I have a strong feeling he will get it off very soon. He is an 8 month old puppy and I am wondering if it won just heal on its own after a few weeks. Anybody have advice for me? September 26, 2007 at 10:46 pm (9) Melissa says:I took my 2 year old St. Bernard/Lab mix to the vet a month ago with a broken (inside) toe. The vet did x rays and put a full cast on her. He did NOT tell us that casts should be changed weekly ($100 for the cast) but he did warn us about infection. She has been on antibiotics the whole time. Today my son came home from school and she had ripper her cast off (yes she had a cone on) and now there is a huge gapping sore on her leg. The vet said it was from tearing the cast off, but we feel differently. He was kind enough (ha ha) to say that when we bring her back in 2 days he won charge us. So far this has set us back $1500.00. He should have charged me for todays bill of $300.00I thought taking my dog to the vet was the best thing for her but I guess I will think again next time. The vet told us she has to wear the wrap from today for another 2 4 weeks. October 29, 2007 at 9:01 am (10) michelle says:My brittany just broken (I think) his outside toe on the rear left. He hobbling around, obviously in discomfort, cries when I touch the area. My theory was to give him a few days to see how he does then if not improvin gto take him to the vet (afterall, they don usually cast broken human toes sometimes just splint it). After ready all of the above, I think I continue to follow my gut feelings and not go to the vet for bandaging or casting., but will ask for pain meds. December 10, 2007 at 1:35 pm (11) Marie says:My Shepherd was initially diagnosed as tearing a tendon or whatever. I saw the xrays after the 2nd visit and I swear my poor girls inside back leg toe is broke. Yes, I paid big $ only to learn the real problem. Rimadyl only hides the pain and gives them false courage to run around! Tramadol doesn work either. I have her on baby non aspirin and Glucosomine now (besides lots of prayers). Thanks for letting me know about the $ I could of spent! December 23, 2007 at 4:11 pm (12) carley says:hi guys, i just wanted to say that my french bulldog broke his back inside toe about 3 breaks actually i got to see the xray he couldnt put it on the ground although he tried as they are a tough little dog have to say my vet was amazing he actually operated and removed the broken bones in his toe and he has stitches and a bandage well after the removal of the bone you would never know he broke his toe he was running around with the bandage on ( i wouldnt let him of course) we have had no troubles at all, his had one bandage change which only cost me $6.00 and the operation cost $650 including all medication his stitches come out next week i think his going to wear a cone this week he has been the most active dog since taking out the broken bone (removal of the toe) i can highly recommend as he has had no trouble now putting his foot on the ground one happy little dog minus the toe!!!! December 27, 2007 at 1:12 pm (13) Renae says:I have a 3 year rottie that I compete with in agility and she has a broken toe as well. Not sure when or how she did it but I took her to an Orthopedic vet. He indicated the best course of action is to leave it alone and let it heal on its own which takes 4 to 6 weeks. I my case it is on the 6 week side because of where the brake is. He also indicated that to do any kind of surgery or what not would cause more damage. Just leash walk and endevour to keep your dog as calm as possible so it does not aggrivate the toe. January 16, 2008 at 11:32 pm (14) Marla says:My Siberian Husky managed to get her back right rear paw caught in the bottom of my door as I was taking her out to do her business. She let out a yelp, limped a bit, then was walking ok. I had to go out for about two hours later on, but when I came home she was screaming in pain so I believe she did brake her toe. I not sure which toe though. I put ice on the paw for five minutes and gave her some baby aspirin. I also wrapped her paw and leg in an ace bandage which seemed to help and which gave her some support. I going to try to wrap it either in gauze or just keep the ace bandage on and continue with the baby aspirins and see how she does. After reading these comments, the vet visit will be the last resort.