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vibram five fingers outlet ´╗┐Complete Guide to Sandals for 2009 What started as a simple sandal to wear to the beach has now become a summer staple, but there's much debate over what defines a "flip flop" sandal. To me, a flip flop has always been a flat, casual sandal (usually a thong) that is free at the back, so that when one walks, they get a sort of "flip flop" sound. But whether you call them flip flops, thongs or beach shoes, they're hotter than ever. Here are a few of this season's top styles.Sassy Tootsies A Cute Twist on for Men Top PicksA great sandal can make an ordinary outfit sexy, and a hot outfit even hotter but you've got to know what to look for. Below are some of the sexiest sandals of the season, as well as a few tips for choosing sandals that sizzle.Sexy Sandals Photo GalleryWhat Makes a Sandal SexyTop Comfort Counts Choosing Comfortable SandalsWhen the weather is cool, we slip into our favorite sneakers when we want to be comfortable. But when the temperature rises, we need sandals that will give our feet a rest from the less comfortable shoes we wear to work. Check out the links below for some of the top brands in comfortable sandals, as well as a few sexy choices in sandals with flat heels.The Hottest Brands in Men's Women's SandalsCrocs: Ugly EuphoriaJust looking for the best of the best? Look no further than these top women's sandals. From casual to dressy and cute to sexy, there's a sandal among these top picks for nearly every type of woman.If you're a visual kind of person who loves endlessly looking at sandals, then you don't really need to know any specific terms just grab what you like, and throw it in your shopping basket. But it can be difficult to find a specific style if you don't know how to describe what it is you're looking for. Here's are some of the more popular sandal styles and shoe terms. Do you know what they all mean?.