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five fingers outlet ´╗┐Conditions Treatments You have probably had times when your shoulders ached after a long and stressful day. Unfortunately you can't just get a massage every time you have sore shoulders. The best way to get a shoulder massage any time you want is to be able to give yourself a massage. With a little practice you will be able to remove stress and feel better after a short shoulder rub. A shoulder rub will remove tension from the area and refresh you. So when you don't have a massage therapist or friend nearby, just follow these simple steps to feel better. The medical term "torticollis" derives from the Latin "torta" meaning twisted and "collum" meaning neck. Torticollis pertains to the positioning of the head. The condition has many causes, most commonly muscular problems. Rarely, abuse of certain drugs, bony abnormalities in the spine, vision problems or neurological imbalance can be the cause. Torticollis is generally treated with medications and physical therapy. There is no cure for torticollis, and persistent recurring bouts of torticollis may eventually lead to surgery. Since the first successful nuclear magnetic resonance experiment in 1946, magnetic resonance imaging has slowly evolved from a means of scientific experimentation to an adjunct and alternative to x rays and other ionizing radiation imaging. MRI provides better body tissue contrast and can be adapted to accommodate many imaging techniques, including those used to diagnose spinal cord abnormalities. A radiologist reads your MRI scan, interprets the results and provides your physician with a report. As with x rays, making sense of MRI images can be difficult for lay people. But with the aid of the radiologist's notes, interpreting and understanding your cervical spine, or C spine, Cervical traction is a method used by physical therapists to help alleviate neck pain, headaches, joint stiffness, muscle tightness, osteoarthritis and herniated disks. Basically, traction uses the force of pulling to stretch the spine. It has traditionally been administered in physical therapy clinics. However, since many people cannot attend physical therapy sessions indefinitely due to time or cost constraints, many traction unit manufacturers have developed units for home use. Saunders Cervical HomeTrac is one brand of home based traction device. Physiotherapy based exercises can be used to aid in the rehabilitation and strengthening of the neck. These simple exercises can be practiced within the home on a daily basis to combat neck pain within five days. Consult a doctor if the pain is severe, if it prevents mobility or gets worse over time. When using these exercises with neck problems, the individual may experience pain during the exercise. According to the Better Exercise Fitness For Life website, pain due to stiffness is generally bearable and will ease soon after completing the exercises, whereas pain due to damaged muscles will generally According to chiropractors and some other health care providers, the human skull consists of cranial bones that expand and contract anywhere from six to twelve times a minute, independent of the heart's pulse. The excessive expansion and contraction of these cranial bones is believed by many to cause sphenoid subluxation, an ailment that causes vision problems, migraines, grinding of the teeth, and eventually, endocrine problems. Though the mainstream American medical establishment believes that cranial bones are fused, and do not shift, consult a health care professional if you believe you may be suffering from sphenoid subluxation. Neuropathy is a nerve condition. It is often referred to as peripheral neuropathy, as it affects the nerves that are peripheral to the brain and spinal cord in the central nervous system. The peripheral nerves control sensors (heat, pain, touch), muscle movement and the autonomic functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and bladder function. Often, neuropathy will express itself in tingling and numbness of the extremities. There is also a sensation of burning and pain. Early onset neuropathy can be a symptom of a number of other diseases, including diabetes, vitamin B12 and other deficiencies, tumors, stroke, infection The Effect of Stretching on Cervical Radiculopathy Because nerves have roots near a person's spinal cord, a problem in the neck can lead to pain in other parts of his body. One example of this is cervical radiculopathy. This condition can be helped by a variety of nonsurgical treatments, including stretching out muscles to relieve pain. If you are considering having cervical artificial disc replacement microsurgery to relieve pressure on the nerve roots in your spine while preserving fluid movement of the neck, speak to your doctor about the benefits versus the risks that may be involved in the procedure. While microsurgical disc replacement is less invasive than the traditional spinal fusion, many of the potential risks including blood loss, spinal fluid leak, infection, injury to the nerve root, paralysis and death are the same. Osteopathy is rooted in the belief that all diseases and disorders originate in, or are related to, problems in the musculoskeletal system. This system consists of the nerves, the bones and muscles that form the body's structure and are all interconnected. The original belief of the founder of osteopathy is that all physical problems originate in the spine. This means that osteopathy focuses on the bones and the muscles injury to these can sometimes occur. There are some other dangers associated with osteopathy. Although dizziness is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor, it is a difficult symptom to define, which can make diagnosis difficult as well. There are many conditions that can cause different types of dizziness, but cervical ("related to the neck") spine dysfunction associated with the deep neck flexors is one of the less known ones. The deep neck flexors comprise the longus colli and longus capitus muscles. and Mark A. Abnormally large or swollen Adam's Apples can either be a short term or a long term characteristic of a variety of conditions, ranging from cancer to puberty. Some people may confuse a tender or painful Adam's apple, or lump in the throat type of feeling, with inflamed thyroids. Men who are born with larger Adam's Apples than others usually have certain qualities and characteristics in their voices. Knowing the changes that occur in puberty and times of illness, as well as other conditions such as cancer, can help identify what is leading Soothe an aching neck in minutes with items already in your home by creating a homemade neck heat pad. Using the natural heat retaining properties of starchy rice, for just pennies, you can have a long lasting, microwave safe warmer for your neck or any other part needing heat relief. Unlike some expensive single use heat pads sold at stores, you can reuse this neck pad over and over again. Only use this warm neck wrap for minor aches and pains and consult your physician if you experience more severe pain not helped by the application of heat. Cervical foraminal stenosis is a painful, debilitating disorder in which the nerves of the spinal cord are compressed due to bone spurs and a degeneration of the discs in the neck, which causes the spinal column to narrow. In foraminal stenosis, the narrowing occurs where the nerves exit the spinal column. The spurs jut into the spinal cord, causing pain, numbness of limbs and balance problems, depending on the location of the stenosis and the severity of the cord injury. There are many different levels of treatment for the disorder. Exercise may offer some relief for some patients. Pain that starts in the ulnar nerve in the arm can travel to regions like the neck and shoulder. Ulnar nerve pain in the neck and shoulder is said to be "entrapped." This pain gives you the feeling that your muscles have fallen asleep, have weakened or are experiencing tingling sensations. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests that you have a doctor diagnose your symptoms as ulnar nerve entrapment. The Academy suggests you then treat the ulnar nerve pain since failure to do so can cause irreparable muscle wasting. Neck pain can indicate a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. But if your medical checkup points to sore muscles as the source of your neck pain, then anti inflammatory medication for temporary pain relief may be the answer. Whether you take non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or corticosteroids, all anti inflammatory medications should be taken as directed. Your prescription drug directions will instruct you about dosage frequency. Over the counter medicine directions will state recommended dosages and frequency, as well as the level of medication not to be exceeded in a 24 hour period. Neck tension caused by stress or poor posture can result in a number of undesirable conditions, including headache, localized pain, and even dizziness. While finding and eliminating the underlying cause for your neck pain is the real key to preventing it from occurring again (by correcting your seated posture or removing stress from your life), there are a number of useful stopgap measures you can take to cure neck tension in the interim. Regular stretching throughout the day can help to keep your neck limber, alleviating dizziness in the process. Oh, those computers. It sometimes hard to turn them off and just walk away. You were too engrossed to take a break, and now your neck is sore and stiff with the pain and stiffness radiating into your shoulder blades. It happens to most everyone at some point. Especially when the weather is cold, or the air conditioner is adjusted to a low setting. Or, even when you sit in one position for too long. So if you suffering from a stiff neck and shoulder blade pain, you can find much relief right at home. With a little TLC, you Tests for Cervical Radiculopathy Neck pain is caused by conditions such as degenerative disk disease (when the disks between the vertebrae lose water and collapse), bone spurs and pinched nerves. Cervical radiculopathy is a term that describes pinched nerves that cause pain to radiate into the neck, shoulders and arms. A pinched nerve in the neck can make everything just a little harder. It can interfere with lying down, turning your head and in some cases can ultimately extend down your arm and numb your fingers (depending on the nerve being pinched). A pinched nerve occurs when a nerve is compressed or pinched often between the spinal column. Rest and time is often what is needed in the case of a pinched nerve although some cases require more extreme measures like surgery. Any severe pain should be checked out by a professional, but there are some things you can do