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five finger australia sale ´╗┐Diabetes Foot Pain The reason diabetics have foot problems is because of poor circulation and neuropathy, the latter condition causing the inability to feel heat or cold or an insensitivity to temperature. Sometimes a diabetic isn't aware that he has a blister or pressure sores or even cuts and scrapes, because of the lack of sensitivity in his feet. Although these injuries may be minor, if they aren't treated it can lead to ulceration and even to amputation if the condition worsens. When neuropathy is present, foot deformities can arise including Charcot's foot, hammer toes and bunions. When this occurs, the pain that the individual feels is far worse than what is causing it, such as putting a pair of socks on, which normally doesn't hurt. However, for a diabetic, this can be excruciating. The lightest touch can be horribly painful to the diabetic. Other symptoms are tingling, stabbing, burning and numbness. When there is nerve damage, it can cause the feet to ache. If the diabetic's blood sugar level spikes, this may cause these symptoms. Ask your doctor if there is a pain medication that you can take. About 25 percent of people with diabetes develop foot related problems that result in pain. The major causes of the pain are poor. Foot Pain Diabetes Symptoms Foot pain is a common problem for people with diabetes. There are four main conditions that result in diabetics experiencing foot pain. Diabetic Foot Pain Symptoms People who have diabetes need to practice good blood sugar control and take care of their overall health to avoid some potentially. Diabetic Foot Symptoms Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which sometimes results in numbness, tingling, or pain in a person extremities, or more significant problems. These. About Foot Pain Due to Diabetes Foot problems plague people who have diabetes. Not only are these conditions painful, they can also be very dangerous for the diabetic. Products for Diabetic Foot Pain Diabetic neuropathy is a nerve condition that causes numbness and tingling throughout the body. Over time, many diabetics experience foot pain related. Diabetic Foot Leg Pain Diabetes can cause many complications, including heart disease, blindness, kidney damage, nerve damage, and vascular disease. Feet and legs can suffer a.