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cheap five finger australia DIY Toe Socks for Vibram FiveFingers Possible improvements include using a sewing machine to reinforce the cut edges to prevent fraying. Cut the toe end off of the sock, above the stitching you made. See the image for specific placement; basically, cut flat across the big toe, then at a shallow angle after the stitching Step 5: Reinforcing the stitching some more Using a different kind of stitching that probably has a name ( level stitching skills simply require battering fabric with needle and thread stitch names are not important), reinforce the joint some more; loop the thread around the cut off toe end with each stitch and back through the joint. 1 year agoReply Washing doesn't get rid of the VFF stank, but I checked around the internets, and learned that a 1 part vinegar, 3 parts water solution will take care of it. Once a week, I fill a bucket with this and soak my VFFs for 12 24 hours. You can rinse and air dry them afterwards, and they will smell only a little of vinegar, or you can throw them in the wash to be rid of it completely. Just remember, the VFFs should always be allowed to air dry rather than thrown about in the dryer. I've had stitching come loose from the tumbling, and it's tricky to find a seamstress willing to fix them.3 years agoReply I use 5 fingers and they have fixed my feet. I used to have horrible pain in the ball of my left foot. After orthopedic inserts (that made it worse in long run) and putting up with pain daily for 6 years, my pain is GONE. No problem. I run 8 10 miles easily now, and have no pain (um sometimes it shows up a little after 7 8 miles, but it is gone as soon as I finish running) I tried the five fingers type socks, but had the same problem. Too much material around my toes, causing them to chafe against each other through the material. I recently went back to no socks, and was happy with the feeling in my toes. This seems like it may work even better. Nothing around the toes, but odor and dampness control of the feet. I think I will try it. Nice Idea. Thanks!3 years agoReply I got a pair of the Injinji socks and it was a total waste of money. Don't get me wrong, they're nice socks but they're too bulky to wear with my FiveFingers. Maybe I just have fat toes or something but when I've got the socks on the toe holes in the shoes are just uncomfortable and if I try to wear them with regular shoes there's too much bulk between my toes and it makes the regular shoes too tight. Looks like you saved some money and also came up with a better solution.