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vibram five fingers online ´╗┐Do mustangs wear horse shoes When i take my shoes off it seems that a tight cuff closes in across the top of my arch and under the arch. i wear orthoditi. I do wear good supportive shoes as well as orthodicts. i try to monitor each day and if. Why do horses have to wear horse shoes? Any foot wear suggestions for a toddler who will not wear shoes. My toddler (21 months old) will not wear shoes. the only thing i can get him to wear are. Have you tried the toed shoes? Sometimes they called barefoot shoes, or vibram five finger shoes. As they run wild they are not shod, meaning they do not wear shoes. The BLM Bureau of Land Management controls and regulates mustang horse population, often putting some up for adoption every year. Most people who adopt mustangs do not shoe them. These horses have really good feet and do not need shoes. When you adopt a mustang you really do save its life because if they go up for adoption three times and are not adopted they can be sold for slaughter under new laws. Even my best friend (he is a boy) says that wedge shoes are the worst shoes for a woman to wear. I even read a research about it and it seems that wedge shoes are disliked from most men. Why.