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vibram sizing 10 Most Indestructible Dog Toys for Your Active Pooch Does your dog love toys? Dog toys can be a great source of entertainment, mental stimulation and even dental hygiene for your pet. Plus chew toys help take his focus off of his desire to chew your things! Unfortunately, though, a lot of dog toys are more hassle than they're worth. They fall apart or get destroyed easily, making a mess and wasting your money. That's why it's worth it to invest in the most indestructible dog toys! The top ten most indestructible dog toy are:This dog toy, made from a unique durable material called Zogoflex, is so indestructible that the makers will actually give you a free replacement if your pooch manages to destroy it. Talk about tough! This is designed to take the place of a number of other toys that you might already have for your dog. It is capable of flying through the air, bouncing on the ground or even floating in water. You can throw out all of the chewed up bones, sticks and balls that you have and replace them all with this single indestructible chew toy.This is a new toy by the same folks who make the Hurley chew toy. The Hurley is bone shaped whereas this toy is a ball. It's great for playing fetch with your dog. Although the Hurley toy can actually also be used as a ball, this one is better at replacing a ball if that's the only toy that your pet really likes. It's shaped to bounce in unpredictable ways so that your dog will never get bored playing with it. And it comes with a money back guarantee. Vibram Ball. Another good ball toy is the Vibram ball. It's hollow so you can fill it with goodies and your pet can get into them but the outer shell is tough enough to last for a long time. That outer shell is made from a clean rubber that is safe for your pet and durable at the same time. Like with the Huck Ball, the shape of the ball makes it bounce irregular to keep your pet always on his toes. This one comes in a three inch or four inch size for different sizes of dog. Nuts for Knots Dog Balls. These are balls, too, but they're made of a super durable rope. The rope is all knotted together into a big ball. If rope alone wasn't durable enough for your pet then the knotted about ball version should be. Great for dogs of any size. Kong Dog Toys. This brand is the brand that you are most likely to have heard of already if you've been on the hunt for indestructible dog toys. They are infamous for being well designed, long lasting toys that challenge your dog's brain. They've been around since 1976 and they're still among the best in the business if you're looking for fun, indestructible dog toys. Nylabone Dental Cone. This brand offers a number of different chew toys. They're known for stimulating your dog's brain as well as improving your dog's dental hygiene. it's not only good for the teeth but this toy also massages your dog's gums. Just as good as going to the doggie dentist! The dental cone, in particular, is designed to be indestructible. However, any of the different Nylabone products would be a good choice for your dog. Orbee Tuff Sport Tennis Ball. This looks just like a regular tennis ball but it's so much more durable than that. Orbee Tuff rates the doggie durability of all of its products and this one gets five out of five chompers for being so hard to destroy. Dogs that are used to playing with tennis balls will be particularly fond of this one and you'll be glad that you don't have to replace the tennis balls nearly so often as you did before! The Almost Indestructbie Ball. What a funny name for a ball that actually truly seems indestructible! This is a high impact polyethelene ball that is just about as tough as pet toys come. It's designed for larger dogs that need a big ball to play rough with. It shouldn't chip, tear, break or pop no matter what your dog does to it. Sqwuggies Squeak Toys. Not only are these toys durable (they're made from old recycled fire hoses) but they also have a fun squeak that is designed to be heard by dogs but not by humans. This is great for folks how know their pets want squeak toys but who just can't stand to listen to them. These toys float in water and are designed to be tugged on without breaking. Toughstructables Canvas Dog Bones. Instead of giving your dog a real bone, give him a canvas bone that will last nearly forever. They are made of a rugged nylon canvas that is capable of floating in water. They are specifically intended for aggressive chewers but of course all dogs would like to play with. Those ten toys tend to be the best when it comes to being indestructible play items for your dog. However, there may be other items on the market that you like as well. What you want to look for is a replacement guarantee, a solid material that's designed to be pulled on with a dog's teeth and a creative design that will keep your pet interested in playing. Tough Dog Toys: Destruction of the Dog Toy It can be a pain in the but to find dog toys for dogs who chew. Today, Im going to run down my list of high quality toys I do think are safe. That said, no toy is dog proof. But it doesn't matter which you have: you have to think on a whole different level when buying dog toys. Here's reviews of some of the ones I've tried with my destructo pup. Norah Casey 3 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area I don't think I would've survived my dog's puppy hood without some of these toys. The kong toys (she has a kong puppy frisbee and a classic kong) in particular are incredibly valuable. I should check out those other ones as well, thanks for the hub! maxandmittens 3 years ago Great Hub and these are some great dog toys! bev of leichhardt australia 3 years ago wrong wrong i have a 12 yo golden retriever and 10 yo shepherd kelpie cross . if your dog is active at this age as mine are these are not good toys and in fact are bad toys for these dogs they still chew and they get caught in their instetines . Its tnt 3 years ago from God's own Country Oh so many toys to pick from, yet many do not sustain among the adult dogs. John Mattar 3 years ago Our dog is a Pomeranian Spitz so he doesn't have the jaw power of many bigger dogs. I have purchased a couple of toys on the list for him, and he has had no problems with them. Most of the toys he chews up fast are ones that are cloth material on the outside, or a hard rubber material. I try to be careful with different toys I purchase for him, last thing I want him doing is ingesting lead from paint or other nasty materials they add to many dog toys these days.