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vibram five fingers price ´╗┐Do you think the new Shoes what is the deal? i can pass a shoe store without spending an hour or more looking at shoes i know i can affor,any. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. It seems logical that the feet we have eveloved with should be able to do the job they are for, with shoes providing extra protection where neccessary. I certainly much prefer the feel of being barefoot in the summer and do notice that I get much more uncomfortable standing for long periods in a shoe with any sort of heel. I do own one pair of shoes which I also like very much, and I believe that I get a lot more benefits for my foot and leg muscles from wearing them. Expert (897) Yes, definitely. As PatAbbott has pointed out, nature is pretty good at evolving things for us which are useful. The natural shape of your foot is much more useful than a flat sole. Especially considering how it will affect the rest of your body. A lot of people have not only foot problems, but back and walking problems due to prolonged use of shoes. Also, speaking from experience, I much prefer to be barefoot whenever I can. It feels so much more comfortable and I feel more connected to everything around me. I can literally "feel" the ground. The great thing about barefoot shoes is that they have a "zero drop" from the heel to the toe. In contrast, most shoes have a significant drop, anywhere from 6 12mm. This encourages a more natural midfoot and forefoot strike. This all depends though, because if a person is going to run with these barefoot shoes, and this person is use to running in athletic shoes then damage to the foot can happen. The reason is that the foot needs to get use to running in barefoot shoes because the support of the athletic shoe is gone. Does this mean that barefoot shoes are bad to run in? Not at all. It just takes sometime for a persons feet to build up the strength to run in barefoot shoes. I have had, seen, and heard of very few people that experience issues with their barefoot shoes when walking. This is actually a good way to learn to hit the ground in a natural midfoot strike. This is all from experience of myself running with barefoot shoes and of other people I have spoken with that do the same. Although I do note that I currently run 100% barefooted and have little to no knee pain doing so. What the negative health impacts of barefoot running? There is a growing movement of barefoot running. Some people claim it is better for your bones and muscles. My first thought went to martial artist who train without shoes. Do you think.