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vibram five fingers komodosport ´╗┐Duct Tape Sandals Who knows maybe you'll start some new trends or at least create an interesting. Now that you have the basis for the sole of your foot its time to make the strap. For each sandal tear off one strip of duct tape about 8 inches long and another strip about 6 inches long (the lengths may vary based on the width of your foot so a ruler shouldn't be necessary unless your picky). Lay the 8 inch strip adhesive side up and place the 6 inch strip over it so that only the ends have adhesive showing (Don't skip this especially for those with hairy feet or you will discover a new way to wax). Now, place your foot on one of the cardboard soles (only use one layer so that the strap fits in between the cardboard layers) and wrap the duct tape strap you just made over the top of your foot just before your toes tight enough so it wont slip while wearing and loose enough to easily slip on and off. The adhesive ends should be sticking to the bottoms of the sole. Repeat the step for the other foot.