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vibram five fingers for men ´╗┐Erection problem What would cause this? The problem is caused, in my opinion, by the extreme over heating my body does during sex. I feel way hot, get sweaty, and feel as if cannot get enough oxygen. It feels like all the blood rushes to my penis and away from my head causing lightheadedness. I also have numbness in my penis causing loss of erection. If I get fresh cool air or have ice water it helps. This also happens in the shower, I feel like I cannot get enough air. These are the only two activities where I have this problem. I am height and weight appropriate, I lead a healthy lifestyle, and I have no know health issues. How can I get over the erection problem. [ 2 Answers ] Erection problem [ 1 Answers ] OK where should I start. lately I've been having problems staying hard after I get an erection, it's never happened to me before so it's really frustrating and embarrassing now that its happening. Its happened like 3 times right before I have sex and I'm pretty sure my partner is starting to. Ankle injury lack insurance 2wks and numbness still can't walk on it wo crutches/boot [ 1 Answers ] I competed in a triathlon two weeks ago and felt a "cramp" occur in the beginning of the run however found it manageble to finish the race smilling with running on the outside edge of my foot. I was wearing my vibram shoes on the sand for the run as the whole run was on sand.